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This document is current as of February 24, 2004. The most up-to-date copy of this document is available at

Copyright (c) 2004, Marty Lamb. This document is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Trivial Persist™ is licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License. A copy of this license is available at


There has been much discussion recently regarding the LGPL and Java-based projects. As a result, the following LGPL clarification applies (based upon a similar clarification at

Trivial Persist is Free Software. The LGPL license is sufficiently flexible to allow the use of Trivial Persist in both open source and commercial projects. Using Trivial Persist (by importing Trivial Persist's public interfaces in your Java code), and extending Trivial Persist (by subclassing) are considered by the authors of Trivial Persist to be dynamic linking. Hence our interpretation of the LGPL is that the use of the unmodified Trivial Persist source or binary, or the rebundling of unmodified Trivial Persist classes into your program's .jar file, does not affect the license of your application code.

If you modify Trivial Persist and redistribute your modifications, the LGPL applies.