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JSAP Changelog

v2.1August 3, 2006

  • JRE 1.5 dependency removed (it works with 1.4 again).
  • "-" and "--" can be supplied as unflagged option values.
  • "-v=value" syntax parsing has been fixed.
  • A QualifiedSwitch bug that resulted in an exception when no value was specified is fixed.
  • getUsageName() is fixed for FlaggedOptions.
  • unregisterParameter() now works for switches.

v2.0aJuly 23, 2005

  • Fixed an embarrassing bug that resulted in unexpected characters in auto-generated help output.
  • Fixed bugs in FileStringParser that prevented enforcement of mustExist(), mustBeFile(), and mustBeDirectory()

v2.0June 20, 2005

  • Fixed setHelp() methods to return a reference to "this", consistent with other setters.
  • New layout for option help to avoid problems with excessively long option descriptions
  • Added constructors with built-in help text setters.
  • Added SimpleJSAP class to speed up common configurations.
  • Added unbreakable spaces between flags and arguments in auto-generated usage text.
  • Added IntSizeStringParser and LongSizeStringParser to allow numeric parameters with SI suffixes (e.g., "10K" returns an Integer or Long with value 10,000. Currently supported suffixes include K, M, G, T, P, Ki, Mi, Gi, Ti, Pi.
  • Added ForNameStringParser that takes a class name and returns an object constructed via class.forName().
  • Added singleton instances of most StringParsers to avoid unnecessary object creation. Singletons are available as public static fields of JSAP, e.g., JSAP.BIG_DECIMAL_PARSER.
  • Default values for parameters are now indicated in auto-generated help.
  • Added no-space short options, a la GNU getopt. "-b5" is equivalent to "-b 5"
  • Several minor bugfixes and documentation corrections.
  • Added JSAPResult.contains(String id) to determine if the result contains any values at all (including default values) for the specified parameter.
  • Added JSAPResult.userSpecified(String id) to determine if the result contains a USER-SPECIFIED value (i.e., not including default values) for the specified parameter.
  • Added XML support for JSAP configuration (experimental).
  • Brought JIRA bug tracker online at