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Martian Software, Inc. is a container for my open-source projects and consulting engagements. Please look around — hopefully you will find something useful, or at least interesting.

This is not my day job. If you would like one of the projects below to make faster progress, why not send some code to make it happen?

- Marty Lamb

Extremely occasional writing.

Embed an entire java application in an executable shell script.

Parse your command line into objects instead of strings.

Eliminate jvm startup time by running apps in a persistent virtual machine.

A very easy way to transfer files within your home or office.

Keep documentation up to date by running example code automatically as you publish.

Keep source code snippets in sync with documentation by extracting sources automatically as you publish.

Statistically control an SMTP tarpit to annoy spammers.

Check your Vonage voice mail on your TiVo.

Persist java objects without a database.